The future calls for cost-efficient energy storage technologies

Stiesdal Storage Technologies A/S develops electrical energy storage with 10-100 h storage capacity.

The energy production costs of wind power and solar PV are already now at grid parity in many parts of the world. Since the costs will continue to drop as a consequence of continued innovation and increased industrialization, it is expected that within a few years wind power and/or solar PV (depending on the relative magnitude of the local resources) will be competitive with all conventional energy sources.

However, despite the attractive energy production costs, the variability of wind power and solar PV sets an upper limit to the penetration of these renewable energy sources into the electrical system. The very high shares of wind and solar PV power that will be required beyond 2030 to meet the climate change mitigation targets will simply not be possible without longer-term energy storage to smooth out supply fluctuations. This calls for cost-efficient storage technologies with capacities measured in days, weeks or months.

At the present time, no viable storage solution exists that has sufficient capacity and can be deployed without severe topographical, geological and/or cost constraints.

The GridScale Battery is an industrialized and scalable system for cost-effective thermal storage of electric energy. It provides a significant part of the “missing link” in the green transition, offering cost-effective electric energy storage with duration of hours to weeks. This range covers both the 12-18 h duration required for day-to-day smoothing of solar PV, and the 3 to 7 days duration required for smoothing of wind power over gaps caused by low wind periods.