The TetraSpar full-scale demonstration project

The world’s first industrialized offshore foundation

The TetraSpar Demonstration Project is the world’s first full-scale demonstration of an industrialized offshore foundation. The project is carried out in a partnership between Shell, RWE, TEPCO Renewable Power, and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies.

The TetraSpar foundation is a tetrahedral structure assembled from tubular steel components. It is expected to offer important competitive advantages with its potential for lean manufacturing, lean assembly and installation processes, and low material costs.

Following the expected launch of the foundation in 2021, a 3.6 MW wind turbine from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will be mounted on the foundation at the quayside using a land-based crane. From there, the combined structure will be towed to the test site, moored to the seabed with three anchor lines and connected to the electrical grid. It will be located at the Marine Energy Test Centre (Metcentre) near Stavanger in Norway, approximately 10km from shore at a water depth of 200m.

This article will be updated with images as the project progresses.
Latest update: April 2021.

Photo credit: The TetraSpar Demonstrator Project ApS.