Stiesdal SkyClean

What is SkyClean: SkyClean pyrolysis plants turn organic by-products from agriculture, forestry, and industry into biochar and bioenergy. A turnkey SkyClean plant can reduce CO2 emissions by 42,000 tons annually.

A game-changing technology for agriculture

SkyClean provides an opportunity to convert agriculture from a climate liability to a climate asset.

The SkyClean technology explained

A high impact, carbon-negative technology developed by Stiesdal SkyClean.

Agri Energy: Biogenic Energy Parks owned by agriculture

Stiesdal SkyClean is a co-founder and co-owner of Agri Energy, a company with a mission to initiate large biogenic energy parks with farmer ownership.

Frequently asked questions about pyrolysis and biochar

Visit our FAQ section where we strive to provide thorough answers to the most common questions about our technology and its broader impact.