Agri Energy: Biogenic Energy Parks owned by agriculture

Turning by-products into green energy and carbon capture

Stiesdal SkyClean is a co-founder and co-owner of Agri Energy, a company with a mission to initiate large biogenic energy parks with farmer ownership following the Danish cooperative model.

A biogenic energy park will process substantial quantities of straw and other agricultural by-products, converting the biomass into biogas, pyrolysis energy products, and biochar.

One Agri Energy biogenic energy park alone will have a climate impact in the range of 340,000-430,000 tons CO2e, depending on local configuration and conditions.

Maximizing the Value of Plant Carbon

The core concept behind Agri Energy’s biogenic energy parks involves the use of the Sauter biogas technology, which utilizes primarily straw instead of manure to produce biogas. This is integrated with Stiesdal’s SkyClean pyrolysis technology.

The result is a uniquely efficient utilization of plant carbon in the biomass feedstock, as the residual fibers from biogas production are elevated to create two additional value streams: green pyrolysis fuel and biochar for the capture and storage of CO2.

Plant-based biogenic energy production and CO2 storage in Denmark

The company aims to establish biogenic energy parks widely in Denmark. Local suppliers and owner groups will annually contribute with feedstock totalling 250,000 tons of dry matter for each energy park.

The project’s vision is to integrate agriculture into the renewable energy sector. We aim to establish a cooperative model where farmers are not just suppliers but also key stakeholders in the energy production process.

This model ensures that the benefits of biogenic energy, such as bioenergy production and CO2 reduction, are shared with those who contribute their biomass resources.

Participation in this initiative allows farmers to be involved in the entire bioenergy chain. From supplying straw to witnessing its transformation into gas, farmers will gain insights and benefits from this sustainable energy process and become important stakeholders in the energy transition.

We are reaching out to local suppliers, owner groups, and interested parties to join us in this endeavor – initially in Denmark only.

Join us as we work towards a Danish agricultural sector at the forefront of sustainable food production, one energy park at a time.

Visit the Agri Energy website for more information and how to get in touch.

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