Are you the next Stiesdal pioneer?

Here’slook inside of who we are, how we work, and what to expect from us.  

Together, we fight climate change

We spent 100 percent of our time developing technologies that mitigate climate change.​

Solutions that produce low-cost green hydrogen, enable wind turbines to float, and even remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Henrik Stiesdal, our founder, designed the modern wind turbine as you know it. ​Innovation is in our blood.

And when our stuff works, we move fast. Our SkyClean plant was scaled 10x in 3 years. Now, it is ready for mass production. ​

Real climate impact happens when solutions multiply across the globe. We are the global pacesetters making it happen.

Stiesdal in numbers

> As of 2024, we are approximately 140 people working in Stiesdal. +1 with you?

> 20 nationalities from all over the world. Even from Fyn. ​

> Offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Give. But we also work in Vrå, Brædstrup, Glansager, Risø and Skive – and at 200 meters water depth in Norway, and other places where our technologies are built and tested. ​

> Founded in 2016 by Henrik Stiesdal, who is now our CTO and holds more than 1000 patents.​

> We consist of 4 companies: Stiesdal A/S, Stiesdal Offshore, Stiesdal Hydrogen, and Stiesdal SkyClean. Besides that, we own 35% of the company Agri Energy making biogenic energy parks.

“Stiesdal is the first workplace I have had, where every workday feels like I’m on a mission. Not just a mission to solve engineering challenges, but on a mission for the greater good of humanity.”

– Erik Bovin, Offshore


Our values are a promise. To the world. To you. To each other.

  • We act with Integrity
  • We practice Generosity
  • We aim for Simplicity

​How to work, act, and decide at Stiesdal

Never alone in the boat: Be it for projects, problem-solving or parties, bringing together brilliant minds with social intelligence is key to our mission. We do good things with people we like.

Own it: Forget about bureaucracy and hierarchy. We want everyone to take initiative and to make thoughtful decisions. Ownership is the best fuel for motivation and entrepreneurship.

Please fail. Then improve: To innovate is to fail, learn, improve, and change perspective. We don’t punish mistakes. We are all humans. ​

Humans first​: We dare to care. Not only about the environment but also about each other. We’ll come to your concert, taste your homegrown apples, and awe at your baby’s pictures. 

“A place where I want to come everyday. I feel as comfortable as I am at home.”

– Harish, Stiesdal Hydrogen

The mate in climate mitigation 

Sometimes, climate mitigation feels overwhelming. Our solution is to take good care of our mates. A few examples:

Brain and body: Bouldering, badminton, running, wakeboarding – we use any excuse to oxygenate our brains. 

Keeping it creative: Making terrariums with biochar, 3D printing floating foundations or designing escape rooms – we are not only thinkers, we are makers.

Be cool. Be very cool: Our Copenhagen colleagues take a dip in the harbor on Friday mornings, no matter the weather. Followed by breakfast together, at all locations.

Celebrate often: Completed a project milestone? That calls for cake. Having a baby? Flødeboller. Got a new bike? Pastry, please. No occasion is too small.

Many activities come from the ‘Klimateers‘ – our own, very active staff association. You can look forward to that.

“Stiesdal’s core values are about helping the climate, while having fun with people you like. These values are truly exercised and are what makes Stiesdal a great place to work.” 

– Rasmus Høyer, Stiesdal Offshore

Your body and mind ​is Safe 24/7

Mitigating climate change is an urgent and important mission. But no task is urgent enough that it cannot be done safely. 

We have a shared obligation and authority to stop any situation that endangers health and safety, at any time.

And we take it seriously: As you see in the picture, even King Frederik of Denmark wears a safety helmet and yellow vest at our plants

The picture is from the inauguration of our 2 MW SkyClean pyrolysis plant.

Read more about safety at Stiesdal

Apply as you like.
Come as you are.

See the most asked questions we get:

  • How do I apply?

    Any way you like.

    Send us a video, a CV, a link for your LinkedIn profile or visit one of our locations on a giraffe.

    You decide.

    We read, watch and welcome all sorts of applications.

    Here is our email:

  • What benefits do you offer?

    We can’t give you a discount on floating wind foundations, but we do offer:

    • Unlimited children’s sick days, allowing flexibility between private life and work
    • Comprehensive private health insurance
    • Extensive health examinations every second year
    • Pension scheme with life insurance, critical illness coverage, and more
    • Like most workplaces, 30 days of paid holidays per year and up to 24 weeks of paid parental leave 
    • An exciting social calendar with events you won’t want to miss
  • Do you register time?

    In general, we try not to. We trust our employees.

    However, for projects that are externally funded, we need to register time to be able to report back to clients.

    But if you have a private appointment or need to go early: No need to register. Just inform your team.

  • How is Stiesdal organized?

    We keep hierarchy to a minimum. 

    We work in Innovation Hubs that enable us to move freely and to collaborate effectively.  

    Under the leadership of a team principal, teams organize themselves as they deem most effective, using our values as a compass.​ 

    Our colleagues in Stiesdal Base enable the whole organization to operate smoothly within communication, IT, finance, and more. 


Nyropsgade 37, first floor
1602 Copenhagen V, Denmark


Vejlevej 270
DK-7323 Give, Denmark


Hedeager 1
8200 Aarhus N